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Why I use chenille yarn for my chunky knits

there are a myriad of choices for customers when it comes to buying chunky knit blankets/throws/cushions (to name but a few!), and you may be wondering why my

choice with chunkyknitco is chenille yarn. (and even if you're not, I'm going to tell you anyway!)

Before I decided on chenille, I had previously tried Merino wool - if you can afford the price point and its not going to have heavy usage its a wonderful product. It has excellent properties(regulates body temp, fire retardant, water resistant). Great but HUGELY

expensive and prone to pilling/bobbling and not really suitable for everyday living, in my opinion.

I also tried any acrylic yarn similar in many ways to merino, but cheaper. This also pilled/bobbled a lot, quickly looked quite tatty and customers weren't too keen on the feel of it.

Wanting to hand knit something that was affordable and practical to use every day, I tried chenille yarn. Originally I used a 3cm thick yarn but decided this was slightly too thick, so now I use a 2cm thick yarn. Perfection!

Apart from from being sumptuously soft, it also machine washable, so no worries about spills or getting mucky hands(or paws) on it. As it is 100% polyester it is also suitable for people with natural wool allergies,

It also knits up a cosy & warm blanket, without being heavy, There is nothing worse then feeling pinned down by a blanket!

My chunkyknit blankets, throws and cushions are not throw away fashion, yes there are inexpensive options out there but they are mass produced and not made to last.

A chunkyknitco hand knit chunky blanket is made to treasure.

If you'd like to feel how soft it is, and see the colour choices, please just get in touch and I can send you samples!

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